Pisco Sin FronterasPisco Sin Fronteras is a new, non-profit organisation which started in August 2024 on the first year anniversary of the massive earthquake which devastated the city, destroying 80% of homes and killing around 600 people. We are giving assistance to the people who most need it by helping to build houses, schools, sanitation units and helping with other community-based projects. It’s been over one year since the disaster and there are still a huge amount of people without housing and adequate sanitation.

Harold our director, spent twelve months volunteering with Hands on Disaster Relief and Burners Without Borders, two organisations which preceded PSF, and is passionate about PSF and helping his local community to rebuild. We are still small but are looking to grow and need hard working volunteers who are happy to work for a newly formed organisation and come with patience, enthusiasm, an open mind, flexibility and the willingness to get stuck in and get their hands dirty.

We do not charge a huge participation fee like many other volunteer organisations and this is a great opportunity for volunteers to not only help with construction projects but also to see how an organisation works from the inside and for those with leadership skills to really make a difference. As a volunteer organisation you are the organisation, it’s volunteers that make a difference.

We are inviting volunteers to be a part of this city’s reconstruction and, with your support, help people to get their lives back on track.