Fabiola’s Mural

Fabiola, a local legend at PSF renowned for selling mouth watering cakes, wanted something painted over the political slogans on the wall outside her home, and asked us to come up with an idea. Some of the volunteers got together and designed a mural to cover the area, over 25 metres long and 3 metres high.

Before beginning to paint the mural we had to cover the existing paint in a whitewash and clean up the surrounding area. Once the undercoat was finished the painting began. Over two weeks the wall was transformed from an eyesore into a focal point for the neighbourhood.

The idea behind the mural was the concept of day changing into night, with a focus on important aspects of Peruvian life. We incorporated the ocean, fishermen, sand dunes, Nazca lines, roof dogs, tuk tuks and even Fabiola herself into the mural.

While we were painting, many locals would approach us to ask us what we were doing or even why we were bothering to paint a mural. Since the mural has been finished we have noticed local people taking photos of it or simply stopping to admire our interpretation of the inner beauty of Pisco.