Pending Projects


One of PSF’s most valued features lies in the opportunities available for motivated, hard-working volunteers to pursue of their own volition.  We are always open to receive new project proposals from passionate volunteers who have the skills needed to design and implement new programs.  The key, however, lies in their ability to ensure such projects’/programs’ sustainability after they’ve completed their service with us.  The projects listed below briefly describe past volunteer initiatives that have been enthusiastically received by the community and for which strong didactic material has already been developed.   However, they are currently inactive due to a lack of personnel and resources needed to effectively execute them.  In order to avoid scrapping them completely, we’ve listed them here in hopes of garnering interest from volunteers who are qualified and capable of leading their reimplementation.  Program Managers would need to dedicate a minimum of 6 months and be (at least) highly proficient in both English and Spanish in order to establish a successful program.  PSF wants to provide this opportunity to prospective volunteers who are capable of working independently and meeting specific goals as a result of their service.  Those who accept the challenge will have made a substantial contribution to Pisco Sin Fronteras through the recreation of such initiatives and leave with the rewarding sensation that their work will have a lasting impact both in the community and for future volunteers.  If any of these programs stoke your interest and you think you possess the skills and determination to turn these concepts into reality, please send a resume/CV and cover letter to  Are you up to the challenge?

Computer Skills Instruction

The basic computing classes offered with the support of PSF volunteers provides interested groups with a valuable skill set that enhances their abilities to communicate, manage business operations, and increases access to useful information.  This program aims to educate locals in basic computing skills, through hands-on skills training in essential software applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.), internet search engines, email access, typing, website/blog creation & design, and other general computer functions.

EcoVida (Recycling Programs & Environmental Education)

The EcoVida project was first introduced at a local primary school in 2024 with the objectives of raising general awareness of environmental issues, increasing local participation in environmental conservation initiatives and promoting recycling campaigns with youth.  PSF volunteers led a series of environmental education workshops that encouraged environmentally conscientious behavior, most notably through a school-wide recycling campaign/competition and the creation and maintenance of a class garden with the students.  We hope to continue to replicate this sustainable environmental initiative with other schools in the area and we continue to work with this particular school through the introduction of a composting program and a tree nursery.PSF welcomes applications from people with a passion for environmental conservation who are willing and able to take on the challenge of educating youth and teachers in these unfamiliar concepts and practices.