Fundraising from Home

Fundraising From Home

PSF depends on volunteers not only to do the work here on the ground, but also to garner the donations needed that make our work possible.  Whether you’re a prospective volunteer who wishes to contribute to our funds and then see them put to good use in person or a past volunteer who believes in our work and wants to stay involved, there are numerous ways you can support Pisco Sin Fronteras.  Although we encourage you to be creative, here are some sample ideas that have been successful for our collaborators in the past:

Possible Fundraiser Events:

  • Benefit Dinner - Invite your friends to dinner for a small fee, and cook up a storm.  Try breaking out an original Peruvian recipe and get the conversation started about your experience with PSF!
  • Bake Sale - Nearly every week volunteers will  dessert night fundraiser in the PSF house – follow in our footsteps and sell cakes at your school or workplace.
  • Car Boot Sale / Yard Sale - One person’s junk is another’s treasure
  • Raffle - Ask friends and family for anything they might have to give as prizes, then raffle them off at a venue of your choice
  • Auction - Auction off anything you can think of – offer to be a designated driver for a day/night, mow someone’s lawn, deliver breakfast to their door, or
  • Charity Ball - A simple town hall can be transformed into a palace with a little creativity and enough crepe paper.
  • Clothes Swap - Gather any unwanted clothes and all your friends to mix up your wardrobes, all proceeds to PSF
  • Car Wash - Get soapy and sudsy – post a sign outside your house or school and you’ll soon have customers flooding in.
  • Run a Marathon or Hike a Mountain - Test your endurance with a sponsored activity – whether it be trekking, running or skydiving. People are always willing to donate money to a good cause if you can prove you want it bad enough!
  • Pisco Sour Party - Gather your mates for a fundraiser with Pisco’s favorite cocktail and charge per glass.
  • Host a Happy-hour at your favorite bar - Coordinate with the owner or manager of your favorite local bar and set up a Charity Happy-hour where guests can pay a reasonable entrance fee and enjoy discounted beers, cocktails, appetizers, and anything else you can work out with the bar.  Send out a Facebook invite telling all your friends about the cause, put out some donations boxes for those who want to give a little more and be sure to provide relevant information about PSF at the event.
  • Penny-drive at a local school - Talk to teachers at a local primary or high school to coordinate a Penny-drive where kids collect loose change throughout the semester in competition with other classrooms for the biggest pot.  Ask the school and/or local businesses to sponsor a prize for the kids from the winning classroom and donate the proceeds from the change collected in all the classrooms to PSF.


Publicity Pack:

The most important element of any fundraiser, no matter how fun or creative, is always the information provided to potential donors that tells them why you are raising funds and what their money will ultimately go towards.  If you are a returned PSF volunteer, be sure to present some pictures from your time with us and practice articulating your story and overall experience at PSF before the event.  Consider setting up a laptop (with a projector, if possible) showing a slideshow of your best pictures that cycles through for people to look at as they please.  It may also help to set a specific fundraising goal, depending on the event.

If you are a prospective volunteer, be sure to provide information about PSF and be able to describe your motivation for volunteering with us and the impact you hope to have through your service.

In addition to directing potential donors to our website, you may download and print the brochures below to display at whichever fundraiser you choose to organize.  The video links below also serve as an effective tool to show the work we’re doing here and what donors’ money will support. Please contact us at if you would like any additional information for your fundraiser.  If you organize a successful fundraising event not listed above, please let us know so we can share it with others.  Thanks for your support and best of luck with your event!

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