Organizational Management

PSF is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit.  We rely on capable, responsible volunteers to take on leadership positions that are essential to the effective management and successful operation of the organization.  Jobs on the PSF Management Team (MT) provide unparalleled opportunities to earn invaluable professional experience in an extraordinarily challenging environment.  Throughout our history, many people have surpassed their own preconceived notions of personal and professional capacities to accomplish incredible successes that have helped shape the organization as we now know it.  These volunteers are of paramount importance to the continuous growth and improvement of PSF; they make a truly lasting impact in the community we serve by ensuring other volunteers have the tools they need to successfully execute projects each and every day.

The need for consistency and continuity in our management practices obliges us to require PSF Management Team volunteers undertake a minimum service commitment of three months.  The following areas are central to our ability to reach our full potential:

  • Office Administration
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Organizational Accounting
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing (Local & International)
  • Volunteer Coordination & Recruitment
  • Volunteer Wellness
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Public Relations & Community Outreach
  • Logistical Support
  •      Tools & Inventory Management
  •      Project Coordination
  •      Site Assessment

Click here for additional information and individual position descriptions.

*Please note, additional benefits are afforded to volunteers who take on certain leadership roles and increased responsibility as part of the PSF Management Team.  In exchange for a 3 month minimum commitment of service, some MT volunteers may receive a significant discount or even be provided gratuitous room and board during their service, so long as they comply with PSF rules & regulations and are able to consistently meet the established goals and objectives of the position.

Furthermore, both construction and community development projects require strong leadership from capable and committed volunteers.  Therefore, we ask volunteers with technical expertise – whether acquired before or after arriving at PSF – to help guide other team members by ensuring they are prepared and properly trained to effectively execute the tasks required of a particular project.  They are also responsible for coordinating with the Executive Director and other members of the PSF Management Team as well as ensuring quality monitoring and evaluation.