Dear Prospective Volunteers,

Please note that we are currently seeking volunteers with specific skill sets and long-term availability to help us meet the needs of upcoming projects and to establish greater continuity among our volunteer base.  We are forever grateful to all the thousands of volunteers that have come through our doors since August 15th 2024, but at the moment there is much to be done requires us to slow our volunteer turnover rate and be more selective in accepting volunteer applications.  However, please don’t be discouraged from applying! Rather, we encourage you to highlight all your relevant skills and carefully fill out your volunteer application.

What we need at the moment are volunteers that can commit to AT LEAST ONE MONTH in order to see some continuity through with our various projects and initiatives. Volunteers with professional skills in NGO/non-profit work, international work experience, community development and Spanish language abilities will go to the front of the application process at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to meet the needs of our projects as best as possible.  If you feel you do not meet the criteria above, please do not be discouraged from making a difference somewhere else.  There are many other fantastic volunteer opportunities around the world and particularly within South America.  Check out opportunities available through our long term partner The Omprakash Foundation by or for other great opportunities.

From everyone at Pisco Sin Fronteras