What We Do

What We Do

Community Construction

Volunteers at Pisco Sin Fronteras may work on a variety of projects.  Although the need for manual labor for projects serving those severely and directly impacted by the earthquake in 2024 has diminished, we maintain plenty of “get-your-hands-dirty” volunteering opportunities through an increasing number of projects designed to benefit entire communities: construction and refurbishing of community centers, schools, medical posts, and ecological parks, to name a few.  While skilled volunteers with experience in construction are always encouraged to apply, we place strong emphasis on transfer of knowledge within the organization so that anyone can learn to lay brick, pour and level a cement floor, correctly use a circular saw, and much more.


Community Development

For those who have brains as well as brawn, we provide numerous opportunities to get involved in direct support of the community through sustainable initiatives designed to create a lasting impact.  We currently focus on three key program areas that are constantly in need of volunteer support:

  1. Education
  2. Youth Development
  3. Environmental Conservation

These initiatives provide diverse opportunities for volunteers to gain experience working in community development through direct execution of projects and activities as well as getting involved in the extensive planning and coordination required for them to be successful.  It is an excellent way to improve your Spanish and polish public speaking / presentation skills at the same time.

To learn more about these programs and some of the specific projects associated with each one, click on one of the titles above to be directed to the program description in the Community Development section of the Volunteering page.

Organizational Management

PSF is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit. We rely on capable, responsible volunteers to take on leadership positions that are essential to the effective management and successful operation of the organization. Jobs on the PSF Management Team provide unparalleled opportunities to earn invaluable professional experience in an extraordinarily challenging environment. Throughout our brief history, many people have surpassed preconceived notions of their personal and professional capacities to accomplish incredible successes that have helped shape the organization as we now know it. These volunteers are of paramount importance to the continuous growth and improvement of PSF; they make a truly lasting impact on the community we serve by ensuring other volunteers have the tools they need to successfully execute projects each and every day.

The need for consistency and continuity in our management practices obliges us to require PSF Management Team volunteers undertake a minimum service commitment of three months. The following areas are central to our ability to reach our full potential:

  • Office Administration
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Organizational Accounting
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Coordination & Recruitment
  • Volunteer Wellness
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Public Relations & Community Outreach
  • Site Assessment
  • Logistical Support
    •      Tools & Inventory Management
    •      Project Coordination
    •      Site Assessment

Click here for additional information and individual position descriptions.

Furthermore, both construction and community development projects require strong leadership from capable and committed volunteers. They must guide other members of their team to effectively execute their project and are responsible for its quality monitoring and evaluation as well as maintaining consistent communication with the Director and other members of the Management Team.


  • Construction & Community Development Project Leaders
  • Community Development Program Managers