Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

PSF’s Environmental Conservation Program aims to develop initiatives that support locals in the improvement of their neighborhoods as well as providing them with basic sanitation.  We are currently engaged in Ecological Parks and Ecological Bathrooms initiatives that give volunteers the opportunity to contribute to environmentally friendly projects that are made sustainable through education and inclusion.

Ecological Parks

PSF works closely with local communities, municipalities and other organizations to design, build and maintain Ecological Parks through the use of recycled, refurbished, reused and natural materials.  Ecological Parks provide improved outdoor spaces benefiting all sectors of the population; kids have room to play and everyone has a clean, relaxing space conducive to community interaction that encourages greater environmental awareness and conservation at the same time.  Community members play a key role in the organization and maintenance of parks to ensure project sustainability.

We welcome volunteers with carpentry, landscape design and/or gardening skills to coordinate and manage ecological parks. If you are enthusiastic about getting involved with an engaging community project that allows you to exercise your creativity, please be sure to indicate your interest on the Volunteer Application Form.

Ecological Bathrooms

Pisco suffers from a widespread lack of access to adequate sanitary facilities, connections to sewage treatment systems and an inconsistent or simply non-existent water supply.  PSF’s Environmental Conservation Program aims to address this problem through the construction of compost (also known as “Ecological Bathrooms”) toilets for individual households subject to such conditions.  Ecological Bathrooms provide an effective alternative to waste treatment that helps to reduce the spread of disease and improves personal hygienic practices.