Environment Centre and Park

Environment Centre and Park: Completed April 2024

Pisco is ecologically blessed with 9 kilometers of coastal wetlands stretching the entirety of the Pisco Playa and supporting an expansive ecological diversity.  Combining this amazing resource with Pisco’s close proximity to the Paracas National Preserve and the Islas Ballestas, the redevelopment of Pisco has the potential to preserve this pristine environment, while harnessing the economic benefits of ecotourism.  Over 700,000 tourists visit Paracas annually, and although only 15 minutes from Pisco, few tourists make the short trip to visit Pisco Playa.  Our contribution to the restoration, preservation, beautification, and accessibility of Pisco’s coastal wetlands will entice tourists to take advantage of the immense beauty Pisco has to offer.

Following the earthquake tough decisions had to be made to ensure the safety and liveability of the community.  An unimaginable amount of rubble had to be quickly cleared from the streets and people’s homes.  Unfortunately, temporary storage locations had to be close, easily accessible and extremely vast. Thus, the beach was an easy solution and began to be piled meters high with demolition debris.  Lacking sanitation and solid waste removal these debris piles quickly became open space dumps for household garbage and human waste.  Although this temporary solution is behind us and all the debris has been transported to appropriate landfills, the health of Pisco’s wetlands continues to suffer.

Over the last 20 months we have worked closely with community members, partner organizations and local authorities on a project to improve the environmental quality, accessibility, and most importantly the appreciation of this important natural resource.  This amazing project, led by local environmentalist and ecology professor Victor Ramos, has produced the first seven-meter tall wildlife observation deck, an environmental interpretive center, 250 meters of trail restoration, and 150 meters of wetland restoration.  This ongoing project will continue to grow and is in the development phase for a 100 meter raised boardwalk incorporating multiple observation areas complete with benches and shade.  With over 9 kilometers of wetlands this project will require years of dedication and resources.

We recognize environmental conservation and the external benefits of ecotourism are unattainable without a strong local commitment and understanding. All of our construction work is being conducted congruently with educational outreach, community beach and wetland cleanups, and plans for the incorporation of environmental and skills based workshops in the new interpretive center.